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    Jul 31, 2022

    Sanlam has been awarded the Top
    Employers Certification for the sixth
    consecutive year by the Top Employers Institute.

    “We have enhanced our employee well-being offering to help
    employees have better work-life integration. Supporting our
    people’s mental and financial health is a big part of our
    holistic focus.”

    The impacts of Covid-19 meant Sanlam had to accelerate new hybrid
    ways of working. In 2021, the Group will continue to draw from global
    trends to sustain a culture conducive to learning, employee well-being,
    and talent management.
    Jeanett Modise, Group Human Resources Director at Sanlam, says:
    “The pandemic meant we had to adapt to new ways of working to
    ensure the well-being of our team of more than 21 000 staff across
    multiple geographies. The shift in 2021 is to build resilient, flexible and
    responsive organisations that proactively sense change and iteratively
    advance people practices, operations and processes as conditions
    Modise says that now is the time to bolster resilience to withstand
    whatever disruption may come next and to capture competitive
    advantage even during the phases of uncertainty. As a Top Employer,
    our priorities remain:

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