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    Workplace innovation

    From the moment you step into Nedbank, you will be guided through our processes and all the agile ways of working that allow us to produce high-quality financial products and services at an incredible speed – with room for innovation at all times. Young talent is paired with seasoned talent so that novel ideas and trusted expertise become one.

    Teams are equipped with a varied array of professionals from all walks of life so that each one is always mentored by another’s view. In many parts of our buildings there are literally no doors because we believe that open and constructive dialogue and a continuous exchange of ideas is what keeps us all learning. And if you ever become really stuck: you can always refer to our fully-fledged employee portal that contains everything you need to know about your job, your available resources, and how you as an individual can be empowered by the bank to unleash your full potential while gaining lifelong perspective on what it means to be the difference.

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    Ace your application:

    Our recruitment process

    We know how much time and energy you put into a job search. We are committed to delivering a purposeful, efficient recruitment process that allows you to personally experience our culture and see why Nedbank is a great place to work.


    The first step in our process is for you to register and create a profile in order to apply for career opportunities at Nedbank.

    Search for open careers at Nedbank by Keyword, Job Category and/or Location. We recommend looking for roles that align with your experience and ensuring you meet the minimum qualifications, which are required for consideration. Join our talent network: Our Talent Community is a network of individuals like yourself who are interested in building a career at Nedbank. Once you join our Talent Community, we’ll be able to send you job alerts and the latest news at Nedbank.



    The second step is a recruiter will review your application

    After we receive your job application and CV/resume, we’ll review your skills and experience in relation to the role you have applied for. After we receive your application, we will review your experience and skills. If your background aligns with our current needs, you will be contacted by phone or email on the next steps. Should your experience and skills not match the role in question, we will also keep your information in our system for consideration as future job opportunities arise.


    The third step is an interview and assessments.

    If your background aligns with our current needs, you will be contacted by phone or email to schedule an online video interview. This will be done via our partner platform, Hirevue. You will be given several questions to answer as an initial indication of whether you are the right person for the job.

    If you are among the most competitive applicants for the job, you will be contacted by phone or email to schedule an initial phone interview with a recruiter. During the interview, the recruiter will ask questions to better understand your experience and qualifications. You will also have an opportunity to learn more about the role and working at Nedbank. We recommend you review the job description and information about Nedbank and prepare any questions you may have before your interview. Once phone interviews are complete, you may be invited to participate in additional interviews. Our interview teams commonly include the hiring manager, human resources, and other managers, of the open position. If contacted for in-person interviews, you will receive additional information regarding the location and duration of the interview. Generally, most of our interview questions are behavioural questions, meaning we’ll ask you to identify specific examples of actions you’ve taken in the past. You can prepare for your interview by reflecting on specific experiences you’ve had and being ready to share what you did, why you did it, what the result was, and what you learned.


    The selection process for many of our available job opportunities includes an assessment. Depending on the job, the assessment may take place before, during, or after the interview process and may be administered online or in-person. If the position requires an assessment, you will be notified and provided instructions during the recruitment process. Nedbank conducts what is called “pre-employment” verification checks. These can include but are not limited to, criminal background checks, driving record check, education verification, employment verification, reference check, etc. We will before doing any of these background checks ask for your written consent and permission.



    So we’re ready to make you an offer!

    After successfully completing all required steps and documents, our recruiting team will contact you to confirm your start date, and your manager will communicate additional details including start time. If you are currently employed or have other obligations, be sure to communicate your availability to the recruiter and hiring manager throughout the process.

    You will have an opportunity to complete onboarding activities in our HR system, SuccessFactors, prior to your first day. These onboarding activities include reviewing personal information, providing emergency contact information, selecting your employee benefits (depending on your contract of employment), etc. During this stage, you will also be contacted by your buddy who’ll basically be your go-to person during your first few weeks and months at Nedbank. Your buddy will also be the person that meets you at one of our receptions on your first day. Your line manager will help initiate meetings with co-workers and customers, and familiarize you with key responsibilities of your new role. The length of your onboarding period will depend on your role. Welcome to the green side!


    If you didn’t get the job

    We would love to still keep in touch with you. So, to stay up to date with all the “ins-and-outs” and all things exciting happening at Nedbank follow us on twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram Remember to also join or talent community for the latest on career opportunities.

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