National Institute of the Deaf.
Position: x 2 General Workers

Closing Date : 26 May 2022
Commencement: 01 June 2022 as soon as possible

• Grade 10 or equivalent.
• Practical experience of gardening.
• Code B Driver’s license.

Send applications to : [email protected]

General worker duties will be assigned to those who are not directly responsible for that particular task. The work required of an industrial machine operator is very different from the kind performed by manual labour, but it provides a valuable service: The factory becomes dependent upon one or another sort and class which depends more on skill than physical labor; as such it cannot operate without its own workers.

ALSO APPLY FOR   Warehouse Packer

.. I do believe in voluntary cooperation between all men with equal authority over their lot…. I also have no hesitation about making collective efforts at any time against individual abuse – only when our objectives coincide.”

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