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Mamsie Seleka: KZN 25-years-old girl impacting lives with real free job opportunities

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Oct 17, 2021

 Mamsie Seleka tweet user @Jobseekersa emerge to be not just a hard working young lady, she’s a life-changer. follow her facebook for free jobs at Jobs and Careers with Mamsie Seleka

When we thought South Africa’s youn generation is full of no Good Samaritans, ones exhibits herself.

Mamsie’s said to have begun her non-paying job lending career at 16 – something not even minute segment of SA’s most influential youngsters can do.

We are fully aware that our county’s propelled by money, the notion ‘young influencers’ seem to be less comprehensible to myriads – the categorisation thereof is monetarily-driven, albeit mamsie’s existence emerge to be the mere simplistically well understandable concept ‘SA young influencers.’

We more often seek help from the well-established people failing to see the most enticing and life-changing ones in our midst. As long as you are living – you are special, and you will get where you are supposed to be, Mamsie has unreservedly proven that.

She’s been using her own money, she put her pocket money to good us, many might think she was starving herself. She use her own data bundles to aid people getting employed.

She has shifted parental perceptions that buying a smartphone for a 16 year old is just a waste of time, her phone was significantly utilised to impact lives, to change the background of the unprivileged clans trickling within abjection.


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