Lockdown Level 3: Here are the new regulations

Lockdown Level 3: Here are the new regulations
Jun 15, 2021 8:27 PM

President Cyril Ramaphosa announces that South Africa moves to Alert Level 3 this comes after he announced that all provinces are experiencing rising infections. He says four provinces are officially in the 3rd wave.

Here are the restrictions that are now in place:
*Bars, restaurants will need to close by 21:00 pm
*The curfew will start at 22:00pm
*Alcohol may only be sold in retail from Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 18:00

All gatherings will be limited to 50 indoors and 100 outdoors. 50% of the capacity of the Venue
*Alcohol sales for on-site consumption will be permitted as per licence conditions.
*Alcohol consumption in all public spaces, such as beaches and parks, is strictly prohibited.
*It remains mandatory for every person to wear a face mask that always covers their nose and mouth at all times when in public spaces.
*Funerals will now be limited to 50 people under alert Level 3.

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